Our Team

Kelly & Ryan

Ryan and I started dating our junior year of high school and by junior year of college, we were ready to dive into marriage. We tag-teamed the roles of student and financial provider after marriage until we both completed our undergraduate degrees at the University of Missouri. Ryan currently works in a steel-fabrication shop as a mechanical engineer and I use my degree in childhood development and education in my daily work as a stay at home mom and childcare provider. We have two kids currently (I have a chronic case of baby-fever) Rosie is 4 and Forrest is 2.

We tend to dream big in our family, but also don’t shy away from acting on those dreams from time to time. I would describe us as dreamers that take calculated steps (you can guess which one of us takes on each role just based on our chosen degree programs). After renovating our 1920’s home in downtown Columbia, Missouri we started to discuss our dreams of owning land when the idea of farming lavender came to us. We decided to look for land with the intent to farm and wound up finding our next fixer-upper in the process. If we aren’t working in the field or at our current jobs we are chipping away at house updating projects. We have family that is just as crazy as we are and without them, the farm dream would not be attainable.

Kelly and Ryan

Kimie & Aaron

Kimie and Aaron Grimm

Aaron and I started dating when we were 16 years old. After successfully doing the long-distance dating thing for four years through college, we were eager to get married and start our life together. We got married just weeks after he graduated from Missouri S&T and were excited to be in the same city indefinitely. Aaron currently works at a local engineering firm as a geotechnical engineer and is beginning master’s classes. I recently graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Human Development and Family Sciences. His analytical and perfectionist tendencies along with my quirky spirit and drive for connecting with people make for a kick-butt team.

We are both mid-Missouri born and raised, and we love it here. Missouri is such a beautiful place! We have always known that this is where we wanted to end up and we are excited to deepen our roots and start a family here one day. When the idea of starting a lavender farm was brought to us, we knew this was something we had to take a chance on, and wow, are we glad we did!

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