laying gravel in the pathways

Welp, we did it. We moved 50 TONS of gravel last weekend ๐Ÿ˜ .  I have aching core muscles to prove it. As I sit here on my heating pad several days later, it is easy to laugh at what we have gotten ourselves into. At one point on Sunday I looked over my shovel to my sister, Kimie, and apologized to her for placing us in a situation that required us to haul 2 dump trucks worth of gravel. It makes me grimace just thinking about it because, guys, we are only halfway done….(faintly screaming with head in hands)

The first couple hours is always the best, when the fire is lit and the morning air is crisp. Then 3:00 PM hits and we are all begging for a cold beer and a nice hot shower. It was a long couple days but we hauled the shit out of those rock piles.

tiny girl, giant gravel mound

The curse of the weekend was that it had rained all week, and the dump trucks were not able to drop the loads adjacent to the lavender field. Instead, the gravel was placed at the top of the “lookout” and the equipment had to trek up and down with each scoop. Woof. It was not ideal, but we are so blessed to have family and friends that give so much of their time and equipment to help us along the way. Our uncle has a fancy John Deere with a bucket on the front and he dedicated his entire Saturday to running that tractor up and down the fields until the mountain of 5/8 inch limestone resembled more of a pile.

don’t let Aaron’s expression confuse you, he is having a great time.

We rented a piece of equipment called a Dingo that measures 34″ wide, making it perfect for hauling gravel down our 36″ wide paths. It is a walk-behind with a bucket on it, and although it moved slower than molasses, it made less work with the shovels so we won’t complain.

Hannah makes everything look so easy

A lot of the work was taking rakes to the dropped piles which was easy-peasy. The plan for next time is to get the 50 tons dropped at the field which will save a crazy amount of time and allow for most of the scooping and dumping to be done by the equipment. Although the weekend kicked our butts we learned through the process, and now we know how to make the next gravel party easy and enjoyable. Yes, I said it. Enjoyable…hahaha! Can you tell I was raised with a salesman for a father? ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

It is crazy to see everything coming together! If you can imagine the plants at maturity with a perfect 3 foot dome shape, you will barely see the black weed cloth at the base. Just gravel and row after row of lavender. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

my beautiful mother is always the first to offer to help

Thanks to all our lovely help! If you all just “happen” to have a root canal the next time we have a work party, we would understand. We will know you’re lying, but we won’t question a thing.


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