lavender-infused caramel sauce

If you’re looking for an insanely easy and fool-proof caramel recipe, look no further! For some, making your own caramel sauce sounds intimidating. I mean, have you seen all the caramel struggles on The Great British Baking Show? It seems like every season there is at least one person scrambling to remake their caramel because …

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lavender blueberry shrub cocktail

Lavender blueberry shrub cocktail, anyone? Your answer should always be, YES PLEASE. A shrub is part fruit, part sugar, and part vinegar. In the olden days, shrubs were used to preserve fruit before it spoiled. Now, we just like to drink them because they are delicious. Because of the vinegar base, shrubs are tart and …

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lavender chocolate truffles

If you need an unbelievably easy recipe that is sure to impress your loved ones then try these lavender chocolate truffles. They are rich and decadent, with just the right balance of salty and sweet. My kids gobble these up a little too fast so I try to keep it on the down-low when I …

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our first farmer’s market!

We had our first Saturday at the Columbia Farmer’s Market! Despite the rain and Mizzou’s graduation, it was a successful first market for us. We had a ton of friends and family come out and show support, which gives me ALL the warm-fuzzies. It was so cool to see all of The Lookout Farm t-shirts …

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how to propagate lavender

We had a research period prior to the start of the lavender farm and one thing was made clear to us right off the bat… starting from seed is not the way to go. In addition to a low success rate, planting lavender from seed will result in a plant that is not true to …

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laying gravel in the pathways

Welp, we did it. We moved 50 TONS of gravel last weekend 😐 .  I have aching core muscles to prove it. As I sit here on my heating pad several days later, it is easy to laugh at what we have gotten ourselves into. At one point on Sunday I looked over my shovel …

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our lavender babies-progress update

There have been lots of questions on the progress of the lavender lately so, as promised, here are all the dirty deets on our first summer as farmers. The work load has been insane, to be honest. It has pretty much consumed every free moment we have…thank the Lord there are four of us! Along …

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our first harvest

If you know me well then you know I am not the girliest of girls, but that doesn’t mean I am opposed to hosting a LADIES’ NIGHT!!! While harvesting the Folgate variety of lavender last week, I had this vision of a group of women spending some much needed outdoor time sipping on lavender lemonade …

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Lavender lemonade

how to make lavender lemonade

We had our first harvest! All summer we have been debudding the 5 varieties we planted on the farm, to promote energy towards root development, but we wanted to take the chance this first year of farming to do a little experiment. We decided to let one variety from each of our two species go …

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Lavender rows

making raised beds for planting

 Root rot. Root rot. Root rot. These words lurk on every single source when researching potential diseases and pests that lavender is susceptible to acquiring. Root rot is a result of fungus growing on the roots due to poor drainage. Commonly referred to as “wet feet”. It is detrimental to the plant’s health if it …

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