our first farmer’s market!

We had our first Saturday at the Columbia Farmer’s Market! Despite the rain and Mizzou’s graduation, it was a successful first market for us. We had a ton of friends and family come out and show support, which gives me ALL the warm-fuzzies. It was so cool to see all of The Lookout Farm t-shirts walking around the market that day :).

The preparation began a couple of weeks ago. I woke up in the middle of the night from a terrible dream about tanking at our first market… so the planning began. I suddenly realized how much we still had to do, so I sketched out a rough draft of our farm stand layout and got to work gathering supplies. (Thank the good Lord for Amazon Prime.)

I asked Ryan to build a staircase style display shelf out of some leftover wood-flooring scraps, and we all got to work on bulking up our inventory. The most exciting part for me was preparing our lavender treats to sell at the market. We really had no idea if people would be interested in buying our lavender goodies.

The items we made using our culinary lavender ended up being a big hit at the market! That was really reaffirming to me. I now know that my kids aren’t the only ones that love the flavor of lavender.

The culinary treats we offered were: lavender and lemon lollipops, white chocolate and lavender popcorn, and lavender brownie mix.

We had great feedback on it all. I can’t wait to expand our line of lavender treats soon.

The bath salts and lollipops we debuted on Saturday

The other items we offer at the market, that we currently don’t have at our online store are: candles poured into locally-made pottery, bath salts, and fire-starter bundles.

The bath salts are beautiful. They have himalayan pink salt, lavender buds, and calendula buds so the colors are quite eye-catching.

The fire-starter bundles are a zero-waste product. We take the dried stems from our harvested lavender bunches and dip them in leftover candle wax to make a product that is useful but would otherwise be discarded.

The handsome husbands

The pottery candles we have currently are from our talented sister, Kristen @klandrey_kiln_it. She creates beautiful vessels that have proven to be one of our hottest sellers when filled with our Warmth scented candle.

We hope you can stop by and see us any Saturday this summer at the Columbia Farmer’s Market. The crowd is fun and the assortment of vendors is impressive. Follow @columbiafarmersmarket to keep up with all the details on the new location at the Agriculture Park. The entire community is anxiously waiting for the switch to the new facility so keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming move!

Our mom gifted us this giant laminated print of our logo and Aaron spent time this week framing it in for the market this Saturday.

Thanks to everyone that showed up to support us at our first market! You have been too kind to us through it all. We hope you become regulars at the market and are able to meet all the amazing farmers we have the pleasure of selling alongside.


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