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If you know me well then you know I am not the girliest of girls, but that doesn’t mean I am opposed to hosting a LADIES’ NIGHT!!! While harvesting the Folgate variety of lavender last week, I had this vision of a group of women spending some much needed outdoor time sipping on lavender lemonade while watching the sun go down. Although evening is not the preferred time of day for peak oil content, we decided to say “screw it” in order to share the experience with a group of people. We wanted to take the chance to invite some women out who have had questions about our lavender farming business that might enjoy a night out in the fields with some hands-on learning.

the Super variety in all its glory

We reached out to a group of women expecting a handful of people to show up and ended up with 23… note to self, we don’t offer enough ladies’ night opportunities. It was a blast and something I want to do again and again.

While the cars were pulling up we did some introductions and got right to the lavender lemonade (splash of vodka if you wish ;)). We had the extra long picnic table out under the dense shade of the maple trees and sipped our drinks while everyone arrived. I have always enjoyed hosting, but this farm has ignited a whole new love for inviting people over to enjoy the simple things in life like good food and good drink.

When just about everyone had arrived, we took a nice stroll down to the fields for my favorite part of the day, sunset. The sky is prettier in Rocheport, I SWEAR. Okay, maybe not in the heat of the day but definitely in the mornings and evenings and especially at night. Yep, this country life suits me just fine.

I gave everyone a quick rundown on what species were planted/why we chose them, and then we broke off into two teams where Kimie and I gave directions on how to harvest the bundles. That many sickles going at once means the scent was much stronger than when just Kimie and I had harvested before. I immediately pictured next year when our plants will be TWICE as big and the buds will be MUCH more plentiful. I can’t wait to experience that harvest time with even more people, as the strong floral scent dances around us while we work.

What a great memory for us to look back on as the first time we invited others to harvest the crop we have poured so much hard work into planting and maintaining. The sadness comes every time I look down at the field that is no longer sprinkled with buds. Luckily I have an endless pile of laundry to do and am reminded of the fruits of our labor every time I throw in another load.

Aaron Grimm, cofounder, humoring us in the drying room (a.k.a. laundry room)
I blame this photo on the trip to the Les Bourgeios A-frame to get wine after the harvest

Maybe next year we will host a men’s night too because, let’s be honest, all you need is a good lavender-infused treat and some sickles to wield for anyone to have a great time. Get ready, lavender lads, Ryan and Aaron are gonna hit you up!

Yep. We know how cool we are, don’t worry.


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