About Us

We are the Wisch family.

Along with the help of friends and family, we started The Lookout Farm in the spring of 2018 after planting 2,000 lavender plugs on our property in Rocheport, MO.

We grow 5 different varieties of lavender on our farm, each with a unique bloom, scent, taste, and color. (That is right, not all lavender is the same, in fact, some isn't even purple!)

Through our farming endeavor we have come to love this versatile herb more and more. From countertop spray to a relaxing soak, cookies and cakes to goat cheese and grilled fish; we utilize lavender everyday in our home. Each variety we grow is used for a different purpose, according to its most prized characteristic, greatly affecting the quality of product we are able to produce. Our goal is to create affordable products with high-quality, natural ingredients that really do make life better for you and your family.

We have learned more during this season of life than we ever could imagine. It has been overwhelming at times, but also exhilarating, building this farm from scratch. We are so thankful for the support that we have in our local community and beyond. Whether it be u-picks, farmer's markets, private tours, or weddings, the journey has truly been a joy. Thanks for coming alongside us as we grow and learn as farmers and stewards of this land.